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Class 4



SUBJECT Topics 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th WEEK
MATHS Properties of Addition,
Subtraction and multiplication.
 Word problems based on Addition, subtraction and multiplication. Division Angles- Multiplication
EVS Food chain- Environment living beings East, West region Visit to West Global Warming Responsibility towards our Environment. Visit to East.
ENG a.The First Tooth
b. Recycling
Types of sentences, Types of noun Types of pronoun Writing poems using alliteration Prefix , suffix conjunctions Tense- simple, continuous, perfect present , past future Recycling (exercises)
HINDI *Vyakran
 *Ham Sab Suman Ek Upawan ke
Paaryawachi Shabd, Sangya Ling Istriling Pulling Prashna Uttar Paath sey Rachana Mere Prashna aur Uttar
SCIENCE *Healthy Teeth
*Fields to Kitchen
Parts of a tooth, Types of teeth Keeping Teeth Healthy, Microbes Meaning of Agriculture, Types of Agriculture Types of Crops, Journey of Food
NEPALI Bnadana Aadikavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya Prashna Uttar Shabda Milau Khali Thau Vara Gawn Khaney Katha Sangya Maatra Parichaya Chinha Revision